Board Member Awards

National Service Recognition Program Awards

Boys & Girls Clubs of America has always valued the recognition of board volunteers and staff. Since the inception of the National Awards Program in 1947, BGCA has encouraged Clubs to foster continued support of dedicated volunteers and professionals by presenting National Awards at annual Club dinners and other special events, at Area Council Meetings and at other Boys & Girls Clubs of America functions.

The National Service Recognition Program includes the following awards:

  • The National Service to Youth Award is for Club staff, board members or other volunteers who have attained five or more years of devoted full- or part-time service to the Boys & Girls Club Movement.
  • The National Medallion is for board who have rendered exceptionally devoted and exemplary service to a Boys & Girls Club.
  • The National Professional Service Award is for full- or part-time Boys & Girls Club staff who have provided exceptionally devoted service to their organization and/or the Movement.
  • The National Silver Medallion is for board members and other volunteers who have provided outstanding and exemplary services to a Boys & Girls Club and to the Movement in a specific area or region.
  • The National Award of Merit is for individuals outside of Boys & Girls Clubs who have provided outstanding support to a Club or to the Movement​​.
  • The Jeremiah Milbank National Gold Medallion is for any individual who has rendered outstanding service to the Movement on a national level.

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