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      Thanks for visiting the new BGCABoards.org! As we get started, we’re really interested to know what kind of information you would find useful to drive a more engaged, impactful board experience for you and your colleagues. What resources would be useful? What content would you need to see more or less of? Use this discussion thread to tell us what you want to see here and provide general feedback on the site.

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      AvatarAngie Lewis


      Org: BGC Lawrence County Indiana

      I love the board site idea. I’d like to easily access our club data and reports and NYOI survey results.

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        AvatarKip Koso


        Org: BGCA

        Thanks for your comment! At this time, everyone needs to go through BGCA.net to get their club data and reports. It needs to be accessed behind a password and online ID that you would set up with your CEO. Feel free to email us back if you are having any issues but BGCA.net is the place to go to get all that data you just mentioned! – Kip

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      AvatarJessica Erstad


      Org: BGC Lincoln/Lancaster

      I’m looking for a form that our board could use in evaluating our CEO. I thought there might be examples on here but I’m not seeing any. Thanks

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        Hi Jessica,

        Please email me @Awashington@bgca.org and I’ll send out the CEO assessment to you. Thanks!

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      AvatarDaphne Barlow Stigliano


      Org: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County

      I’d like to see more resources around building inclusion and diversity on boards. We are focused on this and making progress, but we’d like more ideas. I’d love to share these with our Board Governance committee who is planning to re-evaluate our progress this month. Thanks in advance! Daphne

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