World’s 100 Most Powerful People: Strategic Point-of-View for the Non-Profit Business Model

World class boards of directors don’t just happen. They grow from leaders who take care, thought and planning to build a strong group of the right leaders. Board development is a long-term, ongoing process and outside the employment of a talented CEO is the most significant aspect of a quality non-profit organization.

With the recent announcement of the Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful People , my human services emotional intelligence radar reminded me that Building the High Performance Board Team for a non-profit often times results in the act of settling for less than the best community leaders as engaged stakeholders on their local boards.

Don’t settle, aim for the best leaders possible. Develop your own Community’s 100 Most Powerful People using the four benchmark criteria used by Forbes with some modification. Forbes used the following four factors:

Power over lots of people
Financial resources controlled
Powerful in multiple spheres
Actively use their power

All non-profit organizations should pay attention to its board composition and profile. Organizations must deploy a process which assesses current and anticipated needs of organizations strategic trajectory with the knowledge, attributes, skills, and abilities of a potential board leader. Additionally, use a modified Forbes’s four factors toward your board building process. Identify community leaders who possess:

Influence with community stakeholders at the highest level
Affluence, the ability to invest resources
Able to secure financial resources from diverse streams
Demonstrated service to those who are in greatest need

If you apply the Forbes’s formula to your board building model, prepare for transformational leadership at the board level and CEO level. High performing community leaders do not settle for mediocrity nor will they serve effectively with mid-level, unproductive community leaders.

Prepare for the integration of successful leaders who by nature will bring “inquiry, vision and creative tension” into the boardroom. If there is not a readiness plan for the infusion of high impact, leadership, the effect can and will be disruptive.

Are you ready to rock n’ roll? Prepare your board transformation plan by engaging world class board leaders who are affluent and influential as your tipping point for organizational success and growth.

Ronnie Jenkins, National Director
Board Transformation Services
Boys & Girls Clubs of America


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