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The Managing Executive Transition Guide provides board leaders technical assistance to organize an interim management plan, revisit organizational strategy, develop and deploy an effective executive search process while amplifying the mission impact. The Managing Executive Transitions Guide offers tools, planning agendas, timelines, sample letters, and interim leadership advice to guide the transition to new executive leadership and organizational renewal. Please contact your DOD to secure a full orientation on this helpful guide.

The New Board Member Handbook contains basic information that every board volunteer must know. It includes an orientation to the Boys & Girls Club Movement and the duties of officers. This indispensable resource should be placed in the hands of all board volunteers. To order board member handbooks, please click here.

The Board Resource Central Brochure is a collection of essential resources to support organizational and board effectiveness. Leadership Team Planning Guide explores and explains the board’s role in strategic planning and thinking; the strategic planning process; mission, vision and values statements; and monitoring and evaluating progress.


5 Questions For Board Diversity Nonprofit Boards Attuned to Innovating Ubiquitously
8-Ways-Board-Work-As-Team 10-Benefits-Dashboards
33 Principles for Good Bd Governance  Advisory Board Tool Kit
A-Boards-Number-One-Priority-Talent-Strategy BoardSource 2017 Finds a New Platform for Action in the Face of Declining Diversity
 Best Board Meeting  Board Capacity Indicator, Section 1
 Board Capacity Indicator, Sections 2-3  Board Chair and CEO Partnership Table
Board Chair and CEO Relationship  Board Committees – Who Should Serves Where
 Board Culture Meetings  Board Development and Engagement Guide
 Board Development Workbook  Board Meeting Agenda & Planning
 Board Member Annual Plan  Board Member Commitment
 Board Member Leave of Absence  Board Member Performance Standards
 Board Portals and Other Ways to Collaborate  Board RD Chair Job Description
Board Recruitment Infographic Board Meeting Prep – 10 Tips
 Board Responsibilities Structures FAQs  Board Room Inquiry Discussions
 Board Size  Board Termination Letter
The Goldilocks Approach to Nonprofit Board Size  Board Members Zoning Out
 Board-led Safety Committees Guidance  Bravo for Board Members
 Building the Board Meeting Agenda  Celebrities on board
 CEO Succession Planning_Sample Consent Agenda
Creating a Superstar Board  NASDAQ Cybersecurity Concerns
Effective Committee Work Plan V.1 Effective Strategic Board Meetings
Disgruntled Board Member Effective Investment Committee
 Extreme Board Makeover  Facilitating An Engaged Board
 Fiduciary Responsibilities  Governance Committee Bd Development
Generative Governance – Better Boardroom Conversations  Hooked on Grants
 Governing As A Team  Harnessing Board Diversity
 How To Be A Better NonProfit Board Member  Hosting a Successful Board Meeting
Job Description RD Committee Member  How to Succeed on a Nonprofit Board
Legal Duties of Board Members Legal Duties Worksheet
 Just a Volunteer  Local Board Roles within the Movement
How to Deal With a Micromanaging Board Nonprofit Boards Attuned to Innovating Ubiquitously
Nonprofit Board Responsibilities – The Basics Nonprofit Executive Search Changes
 Meeting Agenda with Consent  Preparing for a Succession Emergency
Recruiting-Right-Board-Members Talent – The Missing Piece in Nonprofit Sustainability
Retreat How To  Simplified Board Model
Risk-Uncertainty-and-Nonprofit-Entrepreneurship Top 5 Ways to Mess Up Hiring the Right CEO
 Streamlining Board Committees  Term Limit: Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
The Real Solution to Nonprofit Leadership Elitism  The Two Sides of Servant Leadership
Terminating Board Members Top Level Board Governance Committee
Transform the Bored Room
What Makes Great Boards Great What Makes Great Boards Great_reprint
NASDAQ Nominating Governance Committee Chairs Up At Night
Board Chair Succession Planning Capital Campaigns – The Board’s Role
Mentoring Board Development Planning for Action Will Help Your Board Members Forget to Be Forgetful


 Board Chair and CEO Partnership Table CEO Performance Review
CEO Succession Planning  CEO Transitions: Science of Success
 Governing As A Team  Should Your CEO Serve as a Board Member
 The CEO Guide to Boards  High Performing Teams – A Timeless Leadership Topic
Untangling Your Organizations Decision Making  Exit Agreements for Nonprofit CEOs

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 5 Steps for Better Risk Assessments Analytics and Measurement
 Fundraising: It’s Everyone’s Job  Generational Giving Trends
 Giving Days Playbook  Green Yellow Red
Giving Numbers – Reflections on Why, What, and How We Are Counting
 Guide to Building a Better CFO  How America Gives Opportunity
 Making You Better Philanthropist  Not Paying Taxes?
 On Giving Tuesday Online Gifts  Online Giving Trends
Sample Dashboard Metric Social Media Adoption Success
The F Word and How to Use It When do You CFO?
Writing Amazing Fundraising Appeals Nonprofits Suck at Fundraising
 Your Sustainability Checklist


 A Different Kind of Women’s Leadership Are You A Dysfunctional Leader?
Whats Missing In Leadership Development
 Leading with Intent  Mystery Art & Science of Shared Leadership
 The Age of Bite-Sized Learning  2017 PAC-SW CONF Sessions
Study-Most-Nonprofits-Lacking-In-Leadership-Management Stanford Survey on Leadership and Managment in the Nonprofit Sector


 Building the Right Org for Mergers & Acquisitions NonProfit Merger Motivations
 The M Word: A Board Member’s Guide


2016 Board Governance Trends Best Practice Library
Five Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About ADA Freeing Nonprofits From Risk Averse Shackles
Conflict of Interest Demands: Not Just Policy Is there Truth in the Statement Nonprofits?
Nonprofit Boards Concerns in 2016  Nonprofit Boards vs. Corporate Boards
 Nonprofit Law Jargon Buster  Nonprofit Strategies for Tough Times
 Six Practices of High Impact Non-Profits The Sorry State of Nonprofit Boards
 Top 25 Nonprofit Management Tools What To Ask Before Joining Nonprofit Board
Nonprofits Aren’t Ready for Strategic Plan 2017 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey

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 360 Tools: How to Get the Most Value  Amended Membrshp Requrmnts
 Area Council Bylaws Sample  Area Council Guide
 Area Council Structure Impact Future  BGC 2016 Employee Handbook
 BGC 2016 Employer’s Guide  Bylaws Corporate Unit Trustees
 Conflict of Interest Policy Guide  Conflict of Interest Sample
 Constitution Bylaws Sample  Demonstrating Performance Through Mission
 Exempt Organizations and Form 990  Governance Committe Policies
Indicator College Enrollment Rate  Job Description Teen Director
 Key Governance Docs 2016  Marketing Strategic Plan
 Membership Requirements 2016 New System to Implement in 2016
NPO Marketing Plan Oath Installation of Officers and Chair
A Lesson in Nonprofit Organizational Capacity Building Legislators Advocacy Guide
Organizational Development Organizational Succession Planning
Performance Evaluation Form Predictors of Educational Attainment
Reducing Unintended Pregnancy $1B Starting Term Process & Notification
Strategic Decisions – Trust Your Gut Strategic Plan and Vision
Strategic Planning Guide Structure Involving Area Councils
Test Your Decision Making Instincts Top HR Topics & Issues
What is a High-Quality Club Experience?


Board Transformation Process
 5 Leadership Transtion Types  Executive Transition Timeline
 Executive Trasitions Exit Interview  Exit Planning – Retiring CEO
 Managing Transformational Change  Science of Organizational Transformation
 Turnaround Management When Good Is Not Good Enough

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 Board Briefing e-newsletter-24  Board Briefing e-newsletter-25
 Board Briefing e-newsletter-26  Board Briefing e-newsletter-27
Board Briefing e-newsletter-28 Board Briefing e-newsletter-29
Board Briefing e-newsletter-30  Board Briefing e-newsletter-31
BoardOnTrack is an effective financial oversight for charter school boards.

This is a toolkit that can serve as a resource which includes: roles and responsibilities, fraud and midmanagement, sample fiscal policy handbook and financial statements, etc. Please click here for more information.

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