Governing Change

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Governing Change: The Power of Shared Information

Change is never easy, whether an organization is trying to change its’ culture, leadership, or financial circumstances. The process is likely to be more “stop, start, stop, start” and accept mediocrity than the smooth transition the community, stakeholders, and BGCA would like it to be. We see board and professional leadership willpower fade and the crisis of survival detracts from meaningful change strategies and organizational renewal.

The role of the Boys & Girls Club board member has never been so critical and important to the change process.

The following tools and resources in this section reflect the trends and challenges currently facing nonprofit leaders from across the sector. Given the significance of board governance practices, the following collection of practices and information are gathered from a diverse cross section of non-profits and thought leaders, as well as national organizations who support the work board building and governance.

Additional Board Governance Assistance