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New Board Chair Guide: On-Boarding Plan

As the senior volunteer leader of the Club, the New Board Chair is responsible for leading the board in the oversight and support responsibilities that are critical to good governance. Serving the Club’s interests and needs is the foundation from which a Board Chair operates. It is important to recognize, however, that while the Board Chair functions as the leader of the board, he or she is basically the “first among equals.” The Board Chair has taken on more responsibilities than other board members, but has no more power than other members of the board and thus serves at the pleasure of the board.

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Boys & Girls Clubs of America provides a three phase New Board Chair On-Boarding Process.
  • Step 1- Talk to your Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director, discuss the process
  • Step 2- Click & Find Your BGCA Contact at DOD Listing_2.26.16
  • Step 3- Schedule your On-Boarding Process and begin your journey.
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New Board Chair Academy Handouts:
Preparing the New Board Chair HO1.Tailoring Academy Content
Scope of the Movement HO2.2013 FACTBOOK_NAT
Key Governance Documents HO3.Key Membership Requirements
Benchmarking Exercise HO4.Benchmarking Exercise
Do you  have the Right CEO? HO5.CEO Leadership Model
The Board’s Role #3: Provide Oversight HO6.CEO Performance Review Process
Culture of Safety HO7.Child Safety Questionnaire
Board Leadership Assessment HO8.Board Assessment
Leadership Assessment HO9.Leadership Assessment
Board Building Cycle #1 Identify Board Needs HO10.Board Matrix
Board Building Cycle #3 Recruit HO11.Sample Board Member Job Description
Board Building Cycle #7 Evaluate HO12.Annual Board Member Engagement Plan
Board Building: From > To HO13.Ideas for Building the Board
Resource Development Fundamentals HO14.2013-Recipient-Organizations | HO15.Private-Sector-Revenue-Comparison | HO16.Giving USA 2014 Highlights
Fundraising > Resource Development HO17.RD From-To Worksheet
Return Home Action Planning Guide HO18.Return Home Action Planning Guide

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