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Helping Board Volunteers Learn and Develop is an important Component of Boys & Girls Clubs of America Services.

Board Transformation Services encourages and supports the board education and development using a high trained team of Organizational Development Specialist and a myriad of learning experiences, on-line and face to face tools, resources  and technical assistance. BGCA is committed to helping  boards of directors  leverage board member talent and engagement. One systematic way to do this is to  implement and utilize the Annual Board Member Engagement & Development Plan Tool.

Individual Board Member Engage Development Plan (IBMEDP) tool is a design to assist your board members.

  • Plan and Channel Board Performance – Board Leaders need to plan and maximize their interest an talent to drive organizational success and outcomes.
  • Measure Board Performance and Levels of Engagement and;
  • Plan for Board Training Needs
  • Individual Board Plans build both individual board member and organizational capacity – Your local Boys & Girls Club success depends on having the talent to deliver on our mission.
  • By planning  individual engagement and board training needs, leaders can impact organizational capability and have the greatest impact on the youth who need us most.
70% Board Development and Impact comes through Engagement & Planned Learning. Key Experiences such as by Leading a Committee, Task Force, Serving in an Officers Role and Your Professional Experiences add value to the Board Transformation and Development Process. Role Rotation is a Key Factor leading to deeper Board Engagement and Board Building.
20% Governance Coaching, Mentoring, and Shadowing other Senior Board Leader increases Board Impact and Drives Successful Organizational Development. Utilizing Succession Plan and Role Rotation will directly effect Key Performance Indicators and Outcomes. Coaching is Most Valuable in the On-Boarding Phase of Your Board Development Cycle.
10% Great Organizations provide Individual and Board Development through needs Based Learning Opportunities, Workshops, Online Training Sessions and Reading. Experience tells us that Engagement & Learning is maximized when Leaders attend Area Councils, National Conference, Alliance Meetings, Youth of the Year Events, and Other Face-to-Face Board Networking Experiences.