Project Leading Edge: 2020

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Board Transformation Services

Providing Local Boards of Director Trainings, Technical Assistance, and Tools to change and improve their governance and business model in order to improve organizational performance and impact.

Tools for Transformation

  • On-Boarding Excellence — Mechanism for organizational socialization, through which new board members acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective leaders.
  • Shared Leadership — Planned process for leading and coaching one another to the achievement of group or organizational goals or both.
  • Structure — Systemic but Flexible and Adaptive. Embrace and manage change.
  • Culture of Inquiry — Accept positive, creative tension. Listen and hear. Thrive on challenges. Do not waste a good crisis…
  • Evaluation — Measure outcomes. Define impact. Engage in consequential board team and self-assessment.
  • Rewards — Expect results. Learn from mistakes. Recognize achievements.

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