Great Futures 2025

Great Futures 2025Purpose: Inspire and empower Club youth to achieve success, and champion opportunities for all young people in America.

Strategic Priorities

Great Futures 2025 will be implemented through four strategic priority areas, which provide direction to our actions and ensure our efforts serve to fulfill our stated purpose.

Each priority includes objectives and measurements; see the Great Futures 2025 Operational Framework for more information.

  1. Increase Program Quality – To achieve greater outcomes for youth and to live our mission, it is critical to achieve a high level of program quality, ensuring every Club consistently provides relevant, engaging experiences and opportunities for kids and teens.
  2. Strengthen Organizations – Increasing impact and quality requires strong leadership, capacity and capability at every Club and at the national organization.
  3. Advocate for Youth Development – To tackle the challenges facing youth in our nation, we must position Boys & Girls Clubs as America’s premier youth development advocate.
  4. Reach More Youth – During our focus on the first three priorities, we will aim to achieve incremental growth.

Goal: Increase the collective percentage of Club members reporting an optimal Club experience to 75% by 2025

Guiding Principles for Implementation

Achieving Great Futures 2025 will require different activities and tactics based on the local circumstances of each Club organization and the community it serves, and strong support from the national office in providing resources, tools and consultation for shared success. The Great Futures 2025 Operational Framework provides more details for implementation, and will be reviewed and updated annually based on progress and feedback.

Please click on: Great Futures 2025: Executive Summary to view the full document.

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