Great Futures 2025 Update From President Clark and COO Orr

The energy and excitement throughout last our 2018 National Conference was a reminder of the vital work we do as a Movement. As we close out the Great Futures Impact Plan and transition to the strategic framework of Great Futures 2025, we are already seeing success.

In 2017, we saw the most significant growth in our mission metrics in 10 years: registered members, teen members and average daily attendance (ADA) increased across the board. Clubs served over 4.3 million young people (with nearly 2 million members), including 15,000 more teens and 25,000 additional members, for a best-ever ADA of 458,000 at 4,362 Clubs and 300 Community Impact Programs. This remarkable work is only possible because of the partnership of you and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

In 2018, we move from laying the foundation to executing the plan. BGCA is committed to ensuring every Boys & Girls Club organization is positioned for success and Great Futures 2025 aligns with your local plan. Following is an update on several strategic initiatives.

• Safety – Critical safety-related membership standards were introduced to ensure the continued safety of our youth.
• Strengthening Organizations – Variability in performance among local organizations refers to mission metrics and number of organizations seeing growth vs. decline. In 2017:

o ADA: 31% of organizations declined at least 5%; 40% gained
o Teens: 38% declined; 45% gained
o Members: 33% declined; 41% gained

As a Movement, we need to continue to focus on strengthening Boys & Girls Club organizations and using data to aid in identifying gap opportunities, forecasts and projections to ensure youth have the best experience and we maximize our reach. Lorraine and I recognize that quarterly data discussions are a pain point for some.

As I’m sure you can understand, this information is critical to helping us establish projections and identify trends and thus better anticipate the resources that Club organizations will need. We don’t want this to be a significant burden but a tool to assist you. Therefore, we are committed to identifying a more streamlined process that will alleviate the amount of time spent on this process. We will also do a better job of explaining the purpose for the information requested and engage in a meaningful dialogue around your data vs. a transactional exchange of information.

With that said, we are working to begin using an online reporting mechanism with some Clubs this year. This process will be eliminated with the introduction and subsequent scale of MyClubHub, the new common Club management system that will make tracking and reporting on your key performance metrics easier and more automated. We are currently in the design phase of this project with our software vendor, iMIS, and in partnership with Club professionals across the Movement. We will begin validating system functionality with users later this year.

• Training and Professional Development – Over 15,000 learning experiences were provided to board members in 2017, while local CEOs and senior leaders continued to learn through partnerships with Harvard Business School, Stanford University and BGCA Exchanges. Programs such as Club Directors Academy, Youth Development Institutes and teen accelerators delivered nearly 10,000 learning experiences to frontline staff on management practices to drive the best possible experiences for Club members. Knowing how important learning opportunities are but often difficult to prioritize within a limited budget, BGCA provided training and learning scholarships in excess of $11 million.
• Local Funding – As you know, one of the Great Futures Impact Plan goals was to increase Movement-wide revenue by 30 percent, with a focus on doubling individual giving through the Advancing Philanthropy program—and we achieved that, reaching $2 billion in Movement-wide revenue in 2017. Over 500 organizations participated in AP over the last five years, with $330 million raised in major gifts, and individual giving estimated to double from $123 million at the program launch to more than $250 million annually by June 2018. This work also influenced our integrated direct marketing and alumni initiatives at the national level, creating a pipeline of individual donors and prospects. In addition, private and government pass-through to Clubs is at an all-time high of $185 million, including state alliances.
• Innovative Operating Models – To help local organizations impact more youth, 83 mergers, shared services or management agreements involving 160 local organizations were signed last year, with 17% of traditional organizations part of some form of innovative operating model. We understand there is some confusion around this strategy. Moving forward, we will share research and analytics used in local board conversations that support mission advancement and significant growth in mission metrics and Club revenue.

As we prepare for the summer season, we will continue to scale and share our successes (such as Club Directors Academy, ongoing Child and Club Safety enhancements, workforce readiness, Program Basics, Models and Playbooks, focus on opioid use prevention). As we progress, we will do so with a focus to do what is right for you, your Club, and the youth you serve.

As BGCA evolves to meet your needs, we hear you loud and clear that Directors of Organizational Development (DOD) offer local Clubs a critical connection to the national office. We recognize we must clarify how DODs can provide you, your staff and board with even more value. With this in mind, Mercer Consulting just completed a DOD job analysis and is exploring how BGCA and DODs can provide you with even better service and support. More information, including how to minimize shifts in primary DODs for each organization, will be forthcoming shortly.

There’s much to be proud of in our direction and successes, and we believe we can do even more good for the young people of our country. Thank you for your dedication to provide Great Futures to all our youth.


Jim Clark
President and CEO
Boys & Girls Clubs of America


Lorraine Orr
Chief Operations Officer
Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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