Area Councils

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Receiving the W. Clement Stone Award, Jim Hammack is an Executive Committee Member of the Northern California Area Council and a 9-year board member of the Boys & Girls Club of El Sobrante in California.

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2015 National Area Council Liaison Award, David Ratliff, board member of the Boys & Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains; for the past 2 years served as Chair of the Tennessee Area Council and two-time winner of the Art of the Ask competitions.

Arkansas Award_resized

Under the leadership of Area Council Jim Petty, accepted the McKenzie Area Council Award for the Arkansas Area Council who have seen an increase of 245% in board member participation and an increase of 155% in staff participation.

Area Councils Overview

It is generally recognized that nationally and locally the Boys & Girls Club Movement must have the active participation of board volunteers if it is to progress and attain its greatest potential in service to youth.

Area Councils have been an important and powerful force in the Boys & Girls Club Movement since 1944. Since that time, Area Councils have been organized in every state and, in some states; several Area Councils have been formed. Area Councils provide the chief medium for securing and maintaining the interest and active participation of board volunteers in national and regional Boys & Girls Club affairs.

The National Area Council Committee is established under authority of the Constitution of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Its members are appointed by the chairperson of the National Board of Governors and selected to assure broad geographical representation.

Rick Nagel, Member of the National Area Council Committee and Former Club Youth of the Year, shares the importance of the National Area Council Committee as a forum for fellowship and networking among board volunteers for the good of the Movement.
Area Council Resources: Active board members may register to: and gain access for more information on Area Councils.  For those already on, please visit: Area Councils.